NDC report presentation on 6 July

Jul 01, 2023

The Natural Diamond Council (NDC) is on a mission to debunk the myths that are perpetuated throughout the diamond industry. The NDC recently published their report Diamond Facts: Addressing Myths and Misconceptions about the diamond industry which sets out to tackle misinformation about both natural diamonds and lab-grown diamonds.

David Kellie, the NDC’s CEO, will be presenting the report as well as giving insight and suggestions on how mid-stream traders, and in turn, retailers, can defend their products. This session will also cover topics like diamond detection, ethical sourcing, stockpiling, and traceability, about working conditions like in the diamond industry & more.

The NDC will give you the necessary tools, tips and tricks on how to sell the natural diamond story. Additionally, the NDC will be presenting their first-ever Only Natural Diamonds magazine, Spring/Summer 2023 edition. The bi-annual issue will feature diamond jewelry trends, and editorials and serve as the premiere destination for diamond inspiration & stories.

“The decision to move into print was a collaborative one. It is the culmination of how far we have come editorially in such a short period,” shares Editor-in-Chief Sam Broekema. “The magazine is a love letter to natural diamonds. We have the opportunity to share them with the world in all of their sparkling glory in a legacy medium. From glamorous shoots to real-life accounts of how natural diamonds affect the livelihood of 10 million people globally, the magazine has something for everyone.”

According to the AWDC, AWDC Café program is scheduled on 6 July 2023 at Beurs voor Diamanthandel, Hoveniersstraat 51, 2018 Antwerp.

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