Opulence Collection, Harmonious & Beauteous

Sep 27, 2023

Experience Opulence, a new collection of coins that redefine rare. This year’s coins feature the rare Pink Diamonds from the Argyle mine, earthly treasures united in luxury is minted by Royal Canadian Mint! Revel in the exquisite pairing of cherry blossoms and ultra-rare pink diamonds.

Seen on the 2021-dated Opulence coins that took the coin world by storm, the pink diamonds and cherry blossom theme return in 2023. With Rio Tinto’s Argyle mine closing in 2020, the Fancy Vivid Pink diamonds adorning the pure gold and platinum coins are among the rarest in the world, making the pieces truly unique.

Presented in a black cabinet-style case, your coin comes with a custom insert, as well as a frame (new!) equipped with protective plexi-glass and two options (hanging brackets and an easel feature) for easy upright display. Also included: a welcome letter hand-signed by the CEO of the Royal Canadian Mint.

Harmonious: A celebration of beauty grounded in strength, one of two luxurious offerings in the 2023 Opulence collection, Harmonious invites the viewer to find beauty in strength and resolve. Its bejewelled reverse is adorned with pink diamonds from the Argyle Mine that are among the world’s rarest gemstones.

They add spellbinding sparkle to the platinum coin’s cherry blossoms and stylized tree, whose engraved roots are the grounded pathways that lead to happiness and harmony; and to the diamond-laden frame that radiates vitality and optimism. Own an exquisite showpiece loaded with symbolism and sparkle.

Beauteous: When opulent beauty meets rarity! Named for its matchless mix of gleam and glamour, Beauteous is the most exclusive of the 2023 additions to the elite Opulence collection of coins that are redefining rare.

Combining the purest (99.95% pure) platinum with the irresistible allure of rose gold accents, the 10 oz. coin of which only 10 exist is distinguished by its bejewelled reverse, where precious pink diamonds (2 ctw) form a cherry blossom dotted with sparkling starbursts that express joy.

Let yourself be entranced by the elegance of Beauteous, the rarest of the 2023 Opulence coins, well as two certificates of authenticity: one from diamond manufacturer Crossworks Manufacturing, and another in the form of a serialized booklet from the Royal Canadian Mint.

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