Packed with glamour & color

May 08, 2023

Royal Chain is proud to announce the launch of its Spring 2023 Collection, giving customers a refreshing line up of new styles. Royal Chain continues to satisfy the immense appetite for fine gold jewelry. This year’s Spring Collection focused on expanding on bestselling items that retailers want in their assortment.

Amid recent economic uncertainty, the company continues to see the jewelry industry invigorated by more people going and being social, as well as the continued presence of fashion influencers on platforms like TikTok and Instagram that are bringing back looks from decades ago. Responding to these trends, the new collection from Royal Chain has classics that are refreshed, remixed, and ready to resonate with a broad range of customers.

Highlights of the new collection include timeless chains like paperclip and curb but with an added touch of colored gemstones, bold earrings designed for layering from bamboo hoops to elongated links, and animal-inspired pieces such as butterflies, panthers, and serpents.

Royal Chain is also extending its Permanent Jewelry line of 14K gold spool chains. This trend continues to get stronger as more retailers embrace this unique experience to drive traffic into stores, something the digital world can’t compete with. For 2023, Royal Chain introduces new spool chain styles and mini 14K charms for personalizing bracelets.

From Vice President of Marketing Phillip Gabriel Maroof, “We are pleased with the steady demand from our retailers, and continue to bring to market the most relevant product they need to continue this momentum. This year, we’ve developed our new products with great insight into what’s selling and what will be on trend for this year.”

The spring 2023 Collection is available now at Royal Chain retailers nationwide.

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