PGI India announces the 6th edition of the Platinum Buyer-Seller Meet to drive continued growth for the category

Jun 12, 2023

PGI India announces the 6th edition of the Platinum Buyer-Seller Meet to drive continued growth for the category

Platinum Guild International-India is excited to announce the highly anticipated 6th edition of its prestigious flagship event, the Platinum Buyer-Seller Meet. The event will be held on 6th and 7th of July 2023 and will bring together official platinum jewellery manufacturers and retailers under the PGI programme to facilitate business growth and networking opportunities.

As platinum jewellery continues its aggressive growth trajectory, PGI India is all set to unlock new opportunities for the metal and further bolster the category at the Platinum Buyer-Seller Meet in 2023.  The aim of the meet is to foster collaboration and drive growth for the platinum jewellery industry. Participants will have the opportunity to network with potential partners, exchange ideas, and discuss innovative strategies for advancing the market. Attendees will also have the chance to network with industry leaders, gain valuable insights on industry development and growth, and participate in one-on-one meetings with potential buyers and sellers. This exclusive gathering serves as an annual rendezvous for manufacturers and retailers to also interlude on the latest designs and statement pieces that captivate customers and elevate the allure of this celestial metal.

The event will also celebrate the performance of platinum retailers during its flagship retail initiative “Platinum Season of Love” by recognizing key contributions by partners.

Commenting on the launch of the 6th annual event, Vaishali Banerjee, Managing Director, Platinum Guild International-India said, “We are looking forward to hosting the 6th Platinum Buyer-Seller Meet and provide a platform for businesses to connect and grow with platinum. The preference for platinum jewellery is growing and we continue to support our partners as they meet the growing consumer demand. And this year, we’re all about making it bigger and better. The new collections across all three categories, Platinum Love Bands, Platinum Evara and Men of Platinum are sure to be a big hit. Retailers will have the opportunity to stock up on the best pieces for the upcoming festive season and we are anticipating positive customer reviews.”



Rajesh Kalyanaraman, Executive Director, Kalyan Jewellers “The Platinum Buyer-Seller Meet provides us with a great opportunity to explore new designs and stock up on pieces that will attract our customers. We are witnessing a rise in demand for platinum jewellery among young working women, as they seek a sophisticated and modern look. The contemporary designs of platinum jewellery make it the perfect choice for everyday wear and special occasions.”






Varghese Alukka, Managing Director, Jos Alukkas “Platinum jewellery has seen a surge in demand in recent years, primarily among young consumers. They seek contemporary and modern designs that make platinum jewellery an ideal choice. Hence, the Platinum Buyer-Seller Meet is a key event that brings together retailers and manufacturers to discuss the latest design trends in platinum jewellery. This year too, we are eager to meet old and new partners and witness new offerings that will set the right tone for the upcoming festive season.”







Dipu Mehta, Managing Director, ORRA “The Platinum Buyer-Seller Meet has helped us unlock immense business potential by providing access to a network of established industry manufacturers. As we gear up for Q4, we are expecting to witness collections across Platinum Love Bands, Platinum Evara & Men of Platinum as we have seen great interest among our consumers. We expect the positive consumer sentiment to translate to further business growth, on the back of the latest designs.”





Suvankar Sen, CEO & MD, Senco Gold & Diamonds “Attending the Platinum Buyer-Seller Meet has been instrumental in our business growth by providing access to new and contemporary designs in platinum jewellery. We have formed valuable partnerships and expanded our product offerings, leading to increased footfalls and customer satisfaction. This year we are expecting to identify opportunities for bringing in new synergies.”









Avinash Pahuja, Director ORO Precious Metals Pvt Ltd, “In the platinum world, the Buyer-Seller Meet is an unparalleled opportunity that allows the right platform for effective interaction and commerce. As ORO prepares to participate in the upcoming buyer-seller meet, we are filled with excitement for our new product offerings at irresistible value. We eagerly look forward to showcase our luxurious finish men’s & women’s wear to industry professionals, decision-makers, and potential buyers under one roof.”






Colin Shah, Founder & Managing Director, Kama Jewelry, “The Platinum Buyer-Seller Meet is an excellent platform that offers valuable business opportunities during an important purchase season. This event provides an opportunity to expand our business with existing partners and build new partnerships, as we present our innovative product range across three branded categories, complemented by our expertise in auto-replenishment. This year’s event promises to be even more exciting as we highlight our entry-level platinum love bands and a carefully curated selection of bestsellers. These offerings are specifically designed to help retailers in attracting and engaging new consumers.”

The fifth edition, held in 2022, received an outstanding response and saw participation from 10 manufacturers who showcased a diverse portfolio including some of the most spectacular pieces in platinum jewellery with differentiated designs in core categories like Platinum Love Bands, Platinum Evara and Men’s platinum jewellery.

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