Plain gold jewellery dominant in India!

Jan 13, 2024

Plain gold jewellery retains a dominant market share despite the traditional nature of India’s gold demand, consumer behaviour over recent years has changed and continues to do so. Plain gold jewellery maintains 80-85% of market share, the majority of which is 22-carat although the market for 18-carat jewellery is growing.

The country exhibits distinct regional preferences.

Studded jewellery – known as Polki, Kundan or Jadau – has an estimated market share of 15-20% overall, although in Northern India this share is considerably higher. In the South, consumers are more inclined towards plain gold products, 60-70% of which are studded with diamonds and the remaining 30-40% set with precious or semi-precious stones.

Manufacturers are increasingly focused on producing lightweight pieces to satisfy demand from the younger consumer, especially those who want daily wear gold jewellery that matches their adoptive Western-style attire. Silver jewellery is becoming more common due to high gold prices and platinum is making an appearance, particularly in male jewellery items, but neither appear to have the cultural significance or the aspirational quality of gold and therefore do not pose a major threat.

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