Precious Metals Forum scheduled today!

Aug 22, 2023

ABC Bullion Precious Metals Forum to be held today, 22nd August 2023 in the city of Sydney, Australia, with the theme, Gold & the Roaring 20s, is organised by ABC Bullion – Australasia’s Largest Independent Bullion Dealer.

The goal of the ABC Bullion Precious Metals Forum is to bring together leaders in the precious metal industry to present on a wide range of subjects, to foster learning, inspiration and education.

The forum also aims to provoke conversation about the unique role that gold and precious metals more broadly play in building and protecting wealth, as well as the importance of the Australian gold industry and the role it plays in our economy.

Across the course of the evening, presenters will discuss a range of topics, which combine suggest that gold and precious metals are on the cusp of a roaring bull market that could run for most of this decade.

The well announced subjects will include,

1: Retail demand and investor interest in gold since the onset of the Covid pandemic,

2: Drivers of gold demand today, from bank failures to the return of inflation and volatile share markets.

3: The role of monetary policy, and why a likely end to the tightening cycle will boost gold, 4: Central bank involvement in the gold market, de-dollarisation and sovereign risk & 5: Institutional investment into gold, and the role of gold as a highly liquid zero credit risk asset.

It is said, this event will be a great opportunity for networking with industry experts and other precious metals investors. For those looking to make sure their portfolio is well positioned for the investment and economic climate.

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