Pressure mounts on Mehul Shah

Aug 29, 2023

BDB weigh on the withdrawal of the resignation

While members are busy with elections at BDB, the biggest diamond exchange, Members of Bharat Diamond Bourse (BDB) are mounting pressure on Mehul Shah to withdraw his resignation, which has been known globally for his dynamic leadership with noble guidance and actions. (He resigned from BDB on 24 August 2023)

More than 100 letters and emails were flooded in the BDB office on the withdrawal of the resignation of Mehul Shah from BDB.

Letters also say the irregularities in the election process by wrongfully disqualifying Mr Saket Mehta.

Some committee members said to Heera Zhaveraat that Mehulbhai was correct. The returning officers have wrongfully disqualified Saketbhai, and in addition, they have misbehaved with BDB’s senior lady executive, and now she is leaving BDB at a loss. This is unacceptable; however, the enquiry commission in BDB is looking into the case. They have also violated the Managing Committee’s orders and BDB’s Bylaws.”

The committee member also said, “If Mehulbhai does not withdraw the resignation, some may resign from the BDB committee; however, President Anupbhai is trying to resolve the crises.

Being the world’s largest diamond trade bourse., every member is a hardcore business-oriented player, and they do not wish any Weeds and hoes in the crop of trade & commerce! They do not want petty politics that ruin the credibility and smooth running of BDB.

By recognising the wider-ranging contribution of Mehul Shah to the various trade bodies. Including, as Chairman-SEEPZ++ Society, Director-Diamond India Ltd and Treasure General-World Federation of Diamond Bourses, Members wish to withdraw his resignation.

In this regard, the HZ team tried hard to contact Mehulbhai and Anoopbhai but failed.

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