Roberto Coin launched the Domino collection

Oct 31, 2023

Nothing is more nonconformist than the salmon’s technique of swimming upstream. During the final months of the year, we tend to look to the future, planning change and formulating resolutions for times to come – imagining the miraculous events that will fall from the sky, just as predicted by the stars.

This year, Roberto Coin launched the Domino collection, an exotic inspiration that transports us to faraway China. The Domino is a symbol of profound energy and the game of Dominoes demonstrates how a small amount of energy can create a huge chain movement.

“We’re evaluating everything that’s been created until now, recognizing its strong points and weaknesses as well as what works more and what works less. We pat ourselves on the back even if there’s always room for improvement. A glance into the past can help determine the direction of the way forward” said Roberto Coin.

Domino jewels are made of rows of identical elements that are repeated along the entire surface, just as in the Chinese game. The gold is treated like a precious stone and each one of the elements is worked like a miniature artistic sculpture that, together with diamonds, gives life to the collection’s dazzling aesthetic.

But here at Roberto Coin, in these final months of the year, we’re taking a moment to be salmon. Yes, salmon! We’re freeing ourselves from the strong current towards the future for an instant and taking a look at the past. Here two product lines are focussed including,

1: Domino necklace in 18kt rose gold with black and colorless diamonds.

2: Domino earrings with diamonds,

3: Domino bangle with diamonds &

4: Domino ring with diamonds.

Roberto Coin has triggered its energy, made of beauty and grace, hoping that both will increase exponentially.

Domino necklace with diamonds, black and white diamonds are the protagonists of this stunning necklace by Roberto Coin, in 18kt rose gold, featuring all the uniqueness of a handmade creation.

Domino necklace in 18kt rose gold with black and colorless diamonds. Wide version. Studded Black diamonds of which total weight is of 1.01 carat, Cut is the round brilliant while rest diamonds total weight is of 0.94 carat, Clarity: VS, Color: G and Cut: round brilliant. Being a handmade product the above characteristics may be subject to slight variations.

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