RSBL Earns Prestigious Recognition as Best Gold Bullion Dealer of the Year 2022-23

Aug 28, 2023

RiddiSiddhi Bullions Limited (RSBL) is one of India’s most prominent bullion enterprises, and it deals in gold, silver, and platinum bars and coins. They recently announced that they had won the “Best Gold Bullion Dealer for the Year 2022-23” award at the renowned India Gold Conference, which was held at JW Marriott, Kolkata, India on 18-20 Aug 2023.

RSBL is an Indian global conglomerate embracing multiple industries and operating profitable businesses founded on innovation, customer trust, and value creation for stakeholders.RSBL has created simple, dependable, user-friendly platforms and instruments allowing everyone to purchase gold, silver, and platinum.

The India Gold Conference attracts a diverse audience for a comprehensive discussion of the current market condition in the bullion industry. It represents the changing face of the country’s gold sector. It brings together individuals associated with the gold industry in India and global stakeholders in the bullion sector on a single platform.

RiddiSiddhi Bullions Limited has received this honour several times in the past, and it is a reminder of RSBL’s productive path and the countless milestones they have attained.

Mr Prithviraj Kothari, MD CEO – RiddiSiddhi Bullions Limited, expressed, “We are honoured to be named “Best Gold Bullion Dealer for 2022-23.” It makes me proud that the India Gold Conference has acknowledged our efforts, proving that we are on the right track. RSBL has been synonymous with gold, silver, and platinum coins in every denomination for several years. RSBL will continue to play an influential role in expanding and organising India’s bullion market.At RSBL, we strive to provide our loyal consumers with the highest level of happiness by meeting their expectations. We are pleased that the company is expanding, and our persistent efforts have contributed to the gold industry’s expansion. We aspire to continue adding similar honours to our name and propel our organisation forward.”

RiddiSiddhi Bullions Ltd. endeavours to exceed customers’ expectations by providing outstanding customer service through innovations created by competent and happy employees while positively contributing to the community.

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