#ShineBrighter celebrates Women who are Creators of their Own lives

May 26, 2023

Antara Jewellery has launched another leg to its already ongoing an exclusive jewellery collection, Diamond Diva. With this launch, Antara Jewellery celebrates the indomitable spirit of women. The thought for this collection revolves around the theme of #ShineBrighter. #ShineBrighter illustrates the stories of women achievers who believe in themselves and rise-up against all odds.

The idea behind this campaign is to encourage the women who want to chase their dreams and make a mark of their own. The ad film features stories of successful women achievers from different walks of life like a DJ, Golfer, architect who have broken the stereotypes and made a place of their own. Through the campaign #ShineBrighter, Antara Jewellery honours the unbreakable spirit of the women who are fearless and above social norms of society.

The collection is outlined to coordinate the style and sophistication of a woman’s one-of-a-kind fashion. Whether you’re searching for an excellent engagement ring for your cherished one, or a bit that will include a touch of excitement to your regular look or a unique gift for your loved one – Diamond Diva is without a doubt the most excellent choice to go for. It offers a broad extend of jewellery pieces made in white gold, rose gold studded with precious stones, coloured stones and pearls.

Ankit Gala, MD at Antara Jewellery commented, “We strongly believe that women have always been the symbol of strength and resilience. They are pillars who consistently support you in all aspects of your life, regardless of the obstacles they face. To honour the spirit of feminism, we created Diamond Diva collection for all the courageous and unstoppable women”.

Antara Jewellery is dedicated to providing the finest shopping experience for its consumers by focusing on distinctive design, unique collections, and varied interesting deals. Diamond Diva provides clients with the opportunity to explore a wide choice of Diamond Designs with exceptional craftsmanship.

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