Showcasing the collection in popular exhibitions can be a turning point for the jewellery businesses

Apr 21, 2023


Dinesh Dassani, Partner at Dassani Brothers

Exhibitions and trade shows are exciting events with enormous opportunities to promote a business. They play a crucial role in the jewellery industry by giving brands, suppliers, manufacturers, and wholesalers a chance to build brand awareness, network, close sales, maximise the future pipeline, and fasten the sales process. Even in the digital era, when information is easily accessible from anywhere, at any time, you’re more likely to secure a deal face-to-face by showcasing your jewellery collection at popular exhibitions.

Buyers attend exhibitions with a specific budget in mind. They have made a conscious decision to explore the various brands and offerings at the exhibition, which makes the event a form of permission-based marketing.

Here are reasons why exhibiting your collection can be a turning point for your jewellery business.

Establish brand identity

Whether you’re an established player or a recent entrant, participating in an exhibition highlights your commitment as a key player in the industry. Your stall or kiosk helps buyers understand that you are devoted to your business while helping you grab the audience’s attention and position your brand as one that is keen on taking orders.

Interact with your targeted audience face-to-face

One of the fastest ways to build a relationship with your target audience is through face-to-face interaction. You can use the interaction as a means to cement a solid relationship and sign orders immediately. In the jewellery industry, exhibitions give a hands-on experience to the customers, as they can get a look and feel of the product. A brand can leverage this opportunity to provide more information about materials, metals and stones, technical jewellery processes, and sustainable manufacturing methods.

Exhibition organisers strive hard to market their event to the right audience, ensuring the quality and quantity of visitors you wouldn’t otherwise have the opportunity to meet. Use it to illustrate your authenticity and uniqueness.

Expand your market reach

In the majority of jewellery exhibitions, jewellers can meet potential clients and business partners under one roof. You can collaborate with complementary businesses and grow your business through fruitful associations. You can break into new markets by showcasing your collection to international buyers and meeting them on a one-to-one basis.

Exhibitions bring a diverse range of industry professionals together, including trade visitors, hotels, airline retail, TV shopping channels,  e-commerce stores, and more, who can help to expand your market reach.

Flaunt your brand and products

While an exhibition stand allows buyers to see, touch, and try your products, it lets you present a vast collection of your products as they would be seen at the stores. Through your exhibition stand, buyers can discover your brand’s personality.

Facilitate new relationships and maintain existing ones

The environment at an exhibition allows you to meet new leads and prospective customers. Moreover, it enables you to reconnect with existing customers. Encash the opportunity to strengthen relationships, introduce new collections and increase orders.

Keep abreast with industry insights

An exhibition is the best place to network. With suppliers, manufacturers, wholesalers, buyers, distributors, agents, press, associations, and industry professionals united, you can stay updated with industry advancements and trends and learn from your peers and competitors.

Ending notes

Dassani Brothers, one of the finest jewellery brands in India, rarely misses a chance to be a part of such exhibitions. Participating in popular jewellery trading shows and exhibitions has always come up with a host of incredible advantages for Dassani Brothers in the past two decades. It has helped the company build meaningful and long-lasting relationships with clients and the community. Also, Dassani Brothers has seen exponential improvement and growth in the business.

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