Tanzire announce the exclusive launches of Missoma

Dec 16, 2023

In a landmark collaboration, Tanzire, India’s first global marketplace of demi-fine jewelry, is thrilled to announce the exclusive launch of Missoma, the cult demi-fine jewelry brand hailing from London, in the Indian market in the December 2023.

Established over a decade ago, Missoma has garnered international acclaim for its avant-garde designs, commitment to quality, and successful collaborations within the fashion industry. The brand is renowned for its iconic partnerships, including the recent collaborations with Harris Reed and Lucy Williams.

Known for crafting high-quality pieces, Missoma is set to captivate the Indian audience with its unique blend of contemporary aesthetics and timeless elegance. Tanzire, a trailblazer in curating jewelry that resonates with the modern, independent spirit, is delighted to bring Missoma’s offerings to the vibrant and diverse Indian market.

Founder, Marisa Horden, fueled by a passion for fashion-forward, affordable jewelry, brought Missoma to life from her kitchen table. The brand is not just about jewelry; it symbolizes self-expression and confidence, reflecting Marisa’s commitment to empowering individuals through distinctive, high-quality designs.

Missoma’s purpose is to inspire self-expression, with sustainability at the forefront of everything they do. Their factories in Thailand and India are carefully handpicked for their highly skilled artisanship, and the products are handcrafted using 100% recycled sterling silver and recycled 18ct gold plating.

Suhani Batwara, Founder and Creative Head, Tanzire said “Missoma has been on my wish list since the inception of Tanzire, and the excitement of finally collaborating to bring them to India is unparalleled. Missoma’s products are a celebration of individuality and style, and we are thrilled to make such a brand accessible to the Indian audience.”

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