The Casato brand offers, the minimal design!

Jun 19, 2023

thematic jewelleryThe Casato brand offers, the minimal design!

Some cultures attribute magical properties to jewels, and the eye is certainly one of the most emblematic symbols in identifying this belief. Today, like yesterday, the jewels that reproduce its shape attract with their ancestral charm, made up of mystery and deep meaning. Among contemporary designs, some have romantic significance, others hold the power of good luck charms-still others simply instill intrigue or enchantment.

Contemporaneity, romanticism, magic and preciousness find a special coexistence in the creations signed by Netali Nissim which has dedicated in-depth aesthetic research to the symbol of the eye, with the aim of creating comfortable and versatile talismans that can be worn every day, without this losing their strong value, connected with nature, love and spirituality.

The Casato brand, on the other hand, has chosen to adopt the tapered and rhomboidal shape of the eye as an ornamental pattern for some of its one-of-a-kind handmade pieces: exemplary is the Inky Band Ring, a band ring made in 18-karat rose gold, with pavé diamonds and sinuous profiles lacquered with black enamel.

Among the emerging names on the Italian scene, Inbilico, an Italian brand with a sustainable soul, interprets an “enigmatic gaze” in the minimal design of the Eye single earring, which creates a fascinating design of light on the lobe, thanks to white gold and lab-grown diamonds.

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