The Mubri host in-person World Meeting

Sep 18, 2023

The triumphant return after three years!

There was an expectation from the sector with the in-person return of the Mubri World Meeting, after all the Association is present in 17 countries across Latin America, Europe and Asia, which means that it is possible to analyze the economy of different countries in the industry as the Meeting brings together various types of entrepreneurs (wholesalers, retailers and independent designers) from different countries.

What was seen went beyond expectations, bringing the spotlight to the Association as usual. For the return, the chosen location was the city of Madrid, Spain, during the Madrid Joya Show which took place from the 14th to the 17th of September.

To meet all member profiles, the Meeting offered the possibility of exhibiting alone on a Booth as well as exhibiting at the Association’s own Booth, which has its permanent location at each edition of Madrid Joya.

Furthermore, there was a high point where independent designer brands were able to present themselves in an elegant fashion show on the second day of the World Meeting presenting their new collections, brands from Germany, Belgium, Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica, Spain, Italy, France, Mexico, Peru, Portugal, Venezuela, etc. The show was held during the Momad catwalk and had Spanish clothing brand Keka Moreno as a collaborator.

The Meeting was attended by its International President, Ali Pastorini, who gave the opening lecture in partnership with the President of the Spanish Institute of Gemology, Benjamin Calvo, to talk about the advances of the Association as well as the importance of partners over the years.

For this milestone, different sectors were present to cover the group’s return, as well as fashion and business journalists traveling from regions such as Bolivia, France and South Korea to witness yet another advance by Mubri.

Ali Pastorini, who came straight from Italy after a successful season with BSM Brasil 2023, which brought together world leaders in the diamond sector with Brazilian retailers and wholesalers, explains the importance of the World Meeting being in person: “We are talking about a group that has a presence in different regions and prepared exceptionally on that date to meet and do business, in my opinion this serves as a thermometer to feel the enthusiasm of businesspeople in traveling and interacting with other businesspeople”, explain Pastorini.

Having finished another event, the group is now preparing for its next challenge, which in a few weeks leaves for India with activities in the city of Mumbai, followed by Istanbul, Dubai and Barcelona in October with business rounds, jewelry shows, and visits to Mubri member factories.


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