The time of the exceptional discovery!

Jun 06, 2023

ribbon braceletsThe time of the exceptional discovery!

Highlighted at Vo+, an exceptional treasure of nature for its fluorescence, extraordinary clarity and vivid red hue, a color traditionally associated only with Burmese rubies, as the experts defined the Estrela de Fura ruby. (Star of Fura in Portuguese), at the time of its exceptional discovery, which took place last July 2022, in the Fura Gems ruby ​​​​mine in Montepeuz, Mozambique.

During this winter, the extraordinary gem – weighing no less than 101 carats – was cut and faceted by a team of craftsmen who transformed it into a beautiful specimen of 55.22 carats. Precisely in this new form, Estrela de Fura is preparing to outbid The Sunrise Ruby, a 25.59-carat ruby ​​of Burmese origin, which sold for $30.3 million ($1,185,451 per carat) at Sotheby’s in Geneva in 2015, and which still holds the world auction record for a ruby.

ribbon braceletsCrivelli expands its chromatic power through one-of-a-kind pieces with a great aesthetic impact, such as the band ring in white gold, white diamonds and rubies, with an oval central ruby, or the ribbon bracelets in white gold or gold burnished white with white and dark diamonds and rubies.

Fabergé renews its regal beauty, with creations that interpret tradition in a contemporary style. Falcinelli uses it as a stone of love, in precious compositions, to be worn casually every day.

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