The Veneto region goldsmith excellence

Aug 04, 2023

The Veneto gold district stands out for its wide range of high jewellery products and for the production of chains and unbranded jewels. Growth, development and innovation have contributed to making it an international leader in the production of jewellery and the processing of precious metals.

Vicenzaoro represents a unique opportunity to discover the excellence of the jewellery sector and to be immersed in the artistic and cultural beauties that the city of Vicenza has to offer. A combination of tradition and innovation makes this district an essential point of reference in the jewellery panorama, giving the Veneto companies involved the opportunity to find in Vicenzaoro an important opportunity to do business and expand their network of contacts.

The Veneto Region is also known for its rich artistic, cultural and food and wine heritage: The Land of Venice. In particular, Vicenza is one of the fascinating cities of art in Northern Italy, famous as “the city of Palladio”, which has received the prestigious recognition of World Heritage Site by UNESCO thanks to its extraordinary artistic and architectural richness.

During the experience at Vicenzaoro, the event also continues outside the fair, enlivening the historic center of Vicenza with a wide range of art, culture and entertainment. One of the area’s gems is The Jewellery Museum, which offers 9 exhibition halls with a selection of entirely Italian jewels. This exhibition is dedicated to the production of large maisons and small and medium-sized companies operating in the gold districts of the region.

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