The word for Jewellery Trend 2023!

Jun 30, 2023

Richa Singh, Managing Director, Natural Diamond Council (NDC) said recently, for NDC Jewellery Trend Report 2023 that, the tone of the current era? More is more. Or in other words, Maximalism. It is all about embodying the philosophy of abundant styles and being unafraid to be seen; evolving into something aspirational that everyone wants to dip their feet in, if not take a straight dive in.

Maximalism is a vibe, an attitude reflected in your choices, desires and your personal style. The modern consumer wants every indulgence to be a form of expression, of status, love, adornment, and above all of one’s self – and what better than natural diamonds to display this individuality?

She talks the jewellery trend 2023 is all about the Maximalism yet buyer that have several questions, they face myths and wishes assured buying for the peace of their mind! Before the NDC Jewellery Trend Report 2023, NDC had published, Diamond Facts to address several FAQs.

The NDC brought Analysis that Addressing myths and misconceptions about the diamond industry! The report said, there are professional verification instruments and that can detect diamond in depth! “Mass-produced in just a few of weeks, laboratory-grown diamonds exhibit specific growth-related features and inclusions that differ from natural diamonds which were formed over billions of years in the Earth” said the Diamond Facts Report.

But the real question of buyer said, how do I know whether I’m purchasing a natural or a laboratory-grown diamond? Here, the report suggests that, legal definitions and advertising guidelines exist to protect and reassure consumers about whether they are purchasing a natural or laboratory-grown diamond. Retailers obtain reports or certifications from independent organizations that can verify the nature and quality of the stones.

All sellers of diamonds or diamond jewelry such as retailers or jewelers are legally required to disclose when a diamond is manmade and must use clear and approved terminology in their communication to consumers. Grading laboratories also test and provide reports that confirm the nature of the stones.

In the row, Ramit Kapur, Managing Director, GSI India said, “There is a need for accurate & uniform certification standards in the jewelry industry. For over a decade, GSI has been providing expertise to leading brands & Jewelers globally. With our team of experts and cutting-edge screening processes and equipment, we work hand in hand with brands to give consumers peace of mind.”

By adding Richa expressed more in the context of Jewellery Trend 2023, whether inherited, bought, or even on a wish list, jewellery is waiting in the wings, screaming to be worn, a manifestation of who you are today. And what is today will be the trend for times to come. The word Trend in its inherent nature is dichotomous. Fashion and trends are cyclical, what remains constant is our love for jewellery.

The third edition of our Trend Report brings to the fore this generation’s changing aesthetic and imbibing the joy of Maximalism. Our three trends have stood the test of time, truly deep rooted in slow fashion, but modernised to keep in step with our desire to be our unique selves.

Here’s to an era of wanting more of everything – joy, love, and of course, the sparkle of natural diamonds.

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