This young girl’s mantra is not to bow down to adversity

Dec 01, 2023

23-year-old Priyanka Shah has followed the life principle of neither speaking nor listening, but learning should not stop. Not only has this Mira Road-based girl recently completed a jewellery designing and diamond graduate course, she has now also got a job based on that qualification. Aiming to getting settled down in foreign as a jewellery designer

Let’s talk to Jani about how she got started as a minor and what her dreams are for next.

Gifted with artistic talent since childhood, Priyanka has shown a natural inclination towards art and painting. However, her parents, Manojbhai and Chhayaben, noticed that her hand was creating wonders.

Manojbhai says Priyanka was not hearing impaired from birth. At the age of about two years, he had fluid come out of his ear and stopped hearing.

However, we understood from her paintings and his thoughts about designing that she was interested in designing in his childhood. In fact, she was also very good at sewing. Even after waking up late, she does not stop working until she is satisfied. We were connected with some social organisations to provide information on how to proceed in this situation. After studying in the school till seventh, she also completed her graduation. We saw the urge to do something in her. Then we came to know about the International Institute of Gemology and when we met Mr. Rahul Desai, he enthusiastically said that we will make Priyanka a jewellery designer. That day and today, Priyanka has not looked back. Now Priyanka work as a Jewellery designer in a company and her designs have become popular.

Every Day coming from Mira Road to Vile-Parle and that too by train Priyanka alone like that to be self-sufficient from college time itself.

Training was started, In a lecture with a normal students to understand by sitting and reading by yourself and the whole of taking teacher’s help in it Priyanka survives even amid struggles in the process remained a scholarship to Priyanka From delivery to all facilities – says Rahul Desai, MD & CEO of the International Institute of Gemology – “We have been promoting Social Year in some way since my father started this organization and even before this we have trained many disabled students. He had a unique determination to advance it without defeat.

Priyanka proved that listening and innovation have nothing to do with the first jewellery design.

We also arranged for Priyanka, who is designing and graduating in diamond, to get a scholarship by asking some friends. We noticed on the very first day that she is very creative. Giving her a concept and she will do things you have not imagined. We have mostly written literature available. It made her training very easy. Her teacher Gunjan Sapra always told us that Priyanka’s curiosity is very strong. Once we gave her the theme of a musical instrument, she did a lot of out-of-the-box creations. Her learning and grasping happened very quickly, because she has interest in it and her hard work is capable.’

Priyanka proved that listening and innovation have nothing to do with her journey as a jewellery designer by inventing amazing designs. Now her dream is to get experience in Mumbai and go abroad to further her skills.

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