Tiffany artisans’ craft over 71cts yellow rough

Oct 21, 2023

Tiffany & Co announces that it has acquired a rough Fancy Vivid Yellow diamond of over 71 total carats, yielding two yellow diamonds of over 15 and 20 carats each. Tiffany & Co artisans cut each in the highly coveted classic emerald shape. Sourced in Canada, the diamond represents Tiffany’s relentless pursuit of the most exceptional gemstones that the world has to offer.

“As the world’s authority on rare gems, we are excited to announce our recent acquisition of the 71-carat yellow diamond, which represents Tiffany’s heritage of acquiring the most coveted gems on earth,” said Victoria Wirth Reynolds, Chief Gemologist, Tiffany & Co.

“Impressive for its color and size, our artisans handcrafted this rough stone into two gems of unparalleled vivid yellow color and brilliance—transforming nature’s miracles through the of exceptional skill of Tiffany craftsmanship.”

As the largest rough Fancy Vivid Yellow diamond ever discovered in Canada, weighing over 71 carats, the remarkable rough gem was sustainably sourced from the Ekati Mine in the Northwest Territories of the region. It is considered a miracle of nature and is extremely rare due to its highly saturated vivid yellow hue and showcased a near-perfect octahedral shape. The House will debut both yellow diamonds in October.

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