Traceable jewelry factory opened up!

Nov 22, 2023

The jewelry company Facet Barcelona inaugurated its new factory and facilities in Cordoba’s Jewelry Park, in southern Spain.

Facet Barcelona, which on October 10th was honored with the Cordoba SME of the Year Award in recognition of its significant dedication to innovation, generation of high-quality employment opportunities, and status as an environmentally responsible enterprise welcomed distinguished politicians, industry professionals, family and friends at the inauguration of its new facilities.

The US management team attended the opening of the new factory in Cordoba. The factory is a step forward for the US office, increasing production capacity and reducing delivery times for the North American market. Thanks to its consistent investment in R&D, Facet Barcelona expands the boundaries of what is possible in the jewelry industry, thus offering its customers a perfect finish in all its jewelry.

The company’s core commitment to cutting-edge technology and digital tools greatly improves its production and management processes. Jose Miguel Serret and his team believe their focus on these areas, along with innovative B2B platform, will prove crucial to improving the user experience and ultimately capture a larger share of the USA jewelry market.

In his inaugural speech, José Miguel Serret highlighted that “Facet Barcelona will remain under the ownership of its current proprietors, ensuring the company’s continuity through the initiation of the generational handover process.”

During the grand opening of Facet Barcelona’s new facilities, a sneak peek of an extraordinary collection of fully traceable jewelry, resulting from a partnership between Facet Barcelona, Tracemark, and Pluczenik, one of the primary Sightholders of the DTC, was unveiled. Among the showcased pieces, a stunning solitaire ring featuring a fully traceable 10 carat brilliant-cut diamond garnered much admiration.

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