Unveiling Eco Rocks Colour Editions

Aug 21, 2023

Jewellery retailer Bradley’s Jewellers York has updated its Eco Rocks brand with the new Eco Rocks Colour Editions Collection of fine jewellery set with synthetic coloured stones and laboratory-grown diamonds (LGD). Bradley’s Jewellers York has created a debut line of three-stone rings, each one set with a laboratory-created coloured stone solitaire flanked by two laboratory-grown diamonds.

The collection follows the same branding and commitment to honesty, authenticity and transparency as the wider Eco Rocks brand, which was launched in 2021. All pieces carry the Eco Rocks sponsor mark, the Eco Rocks logo, the anchor hallmark to denote Birmingham Assay Office, plus the date letter for 2023 and the King Charles III Coronation commemorative hallmark.

Eco Rocks and Bradley’s Jewellers York owner, Kay Bradley, said: “I have always strived to give my customers the widest possible choice when it comes to diamonds, laboratory-grown diamonds, coloured gemstones and now synthetic coloured stones.

We lead with a commitment to best practice, especially around terminology, so that our clients understand exactly what they are buying. I am so proud of Eco Rocks Colour Editions and I can’t wait for my customers to see these exceptional quality stones in all their vibrant glory!”

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