Utsavi Collection Unveiled At Manubhai Jewellers

Oct 25, 2023

Gujarati superstar Malhar Thakar announced the launch of an exquisite gold collection – Utsavi Collection at their flagship store in Borivali on 20th Oct 2023. The Utsavi Collection is a tribute to the ‘Utsav’ or celebration that life truly is. It is a reflection of the happiness that jewelry can bring to our lives, the stories it carries, and the traditions it upholds.

The brand believes that Malhar Thakar’s cheerful and lively personality aligns perfectly with the celebratory nature of the Utsavi Collection making him apt to be the face of the Utsavi Collection launch. His ability to connect with people and spread positivity mirrors the essence of this collection, which is designed to make every day a special occasion.

The crowd went berserk when the sensational actor Malhar Thakar entered in a Black and white traditional dress adorning a Kanthi mala giving festive vibes. Talking about the collection he said, “I am really excited to be associated with the brand.

They have almost 35000+ designs and I have seen their Utsavi Collection which I just launched so I can surely say that they are very beautiful and are perfect for the coming festivals. Jewellery is my newfound love and while the crowd was cheering Malhar, Malhar, all I could think of was jewellery, especially the enamelled jewellery from Utsavi!”

The scoop actor added that he soon plans to visit the store to shop some amazing jewellery for himself.

The Utsavi Collection is not just jewelry; it is a celebration of life’s moments – from weddings to festivals, birthdays to anniversaries, and every occasion that holds significance in the lives of our customers. What sets it apart is the infusion of vibrant colors into the traditional canvas of gold jewelry.

These designs are imbibed to create a harmonious symphony of colors that bring life to every ornament in the collection. From radiant reds to tranquil blues and vibrant greens, this collection is an ode to the myriad shades of joy and festivity that define our cultural celebrations.

Each piece exudes an aura of positivity, inviting you to embrace the spirit of festivity with open arms. From statement necklaces that steal the spotlight to delicate earrings that add a touch of elegance, the collection has something for everyone.

Mr. Hiren Sagar, Director, Manubhai Jewellers, said “In our ever-evolving journey towards excellence, Manubhai Jewellers is elated to introduce a collection that exemplifies the embodiment of elegance and grandeur.

We proudly present the ‘Utsavi Collection,’ a celebration of timeless artistry and craftsmanship that personifies our legacy of over 3 decades in the world of fine jewelry. This collection is not merely an assortment of ornaments; it is an expression of the rich cultural heritage and traditions of India, the heritage that Manubhai has cherished and upheld since its inception”.

“Malhar’s on-screen persona often exudes joy and celebration, making him an ideal fit for a collection designed to celebrate life’s precious moments. With Malhar Thakkar as the face of the launch, we are confident that the Utsavi Collection will capture the hearts of our audience, inspiring them to embrace the beauty of our culture, celebrate the colors of life, and treasure moments of joy through our exquisite jewelry. His association with Utsavi reinforces the idea of adorning oneself for life’s most cherished occasions”, adds Mr. Samir Sagar Director, Manubhai Jewellers

Get ready to be captivated by the charm of gold and gemstones like never before. Whether you’re shopping for yourself or seeking the perfect gift for a loved one, the Utsavi Collection is the ultimate choice.


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