Veneto region following to be the Responsible!

Sep 08, 2023

The Responsible Jewellery Council (RJC) is an international body that promotes social and environmental responsibility in the jewellery supply chain. In recent years, several companies from the Veneto region have demonstrated a growing commitment to sustainability in the jewellery industry, obtaining the certification.

The stringent certification standards of the RJC evaluate many aspects of sustainability, including the ethical sourcing of materials, responsible manufacturing practices and respect for human rights in manufacturing processes. Recently, numerous Veneto companies have successfully passed this detailed examination, demonstrating their long-term commitment to sustainability and responsibility.

Asolo Gold is one of the first companies that have obtained the RJC certification. Since its foundation in 1984, the company and product policies of the Veneto brand have been guided by the highest ethical values

Chrysos, another of the Veneto gold and jewellery district, has adopted practices that ensure ethical sourcing, traceability and responsible processing along the supply chain. Lastly, ensuring responsible operating practices in the fine jewellery sector.

Better Silver Group, a Vicenza-based company, also stood out for its innovative approach, using recycled materials and production methods with low environmental impact, a commitment that has been reflected in the assignment of the RJC certification.

These successes demonstrate that companies from the Veneto region are not only able to combine the craftsmanship and beauty of jewellery with sustainability, but are also setting new standards in the sector. As the world pays increasing attention to environmental and social issues, these companies are demonstrating that it is possible to pursue excellence in jewellery without compromising the planet or human rights.

In an age where consumer awareness is steadily growing, Veneto businesses that are committed to sustainability and have achieved RJC certification are gaining not only a competitive edge, but also a reputation for authenticity and commitment to a better future.

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