Vicenzaoro January 2024, A Modern Trade Show for 70 Years

Dec 14, 2023

Vicenzaoro by Italian Exhibition Group (IEG) is kicking off the celebrations for the 70th anniversary of the world’s longest-running gold and jewellery B2B event. With the next edition in January, the international trade show, scheduled to take place from 19th to 23rd, marks an important milestone for an event that has always been contemporary for seven decades. A place to discover the latest proposals, explore styles and designs and be inspired by meeting the most avant-garde designers. High-end jewellery and goldsmithing creations will be on show, along with all the very latest Made in Italy collections, top-quality international manufacturing as well as the most advanced technologies for production and processing – with T.GOLD international show taking place at the same time – , components and semi-finished products, diamonds and precious stones, services, visual merchandising and packaging. IEG’s “The Jewellery Boutique Show”, always keen to intercept the key themes of the global jewellery industry, will unveil and preview all the key trends for 2024. A unique moment that brings together the entire gold and jewellery community under the banner of innovation and networking in order to train and inform the entire sector.

In February, once the next edition of Vicenzaoro January is over, IEG will begin the important renovation works at its Vicenza Expo Centre, which will involve the demolition of hall 2 (the old “pyramid”) and hall 5 to make room for a new, more functional hall that will redesign and extend the capacity of the fairground.


Everything is ready for the 70th anniversary celebrations of Vicenzaoro. A long tradition that is projected towards the future, as underlined by the claim: The Heritage for Tomorrow. In 70 years, Vicenzaoro has grown and become one of the world’s top three B2B jewellery trade shows, adapting, evolving, interpreting and anticipating the zeitgeist, the spirit of the times. A success made possible thanks to companies, customers, buyers, institutions, associations and media. As well as to IEG’s human capital. A trajectory that will continue to build an even brighter future for the jewellery industry.


Founded in 1954 as a trade show of territorial excellence, over the decades, the Vicenza gold and jewellery exhibition – christened Vicenzaoro in the 1980s – has amassed a heritage of relationships, skills and values that have made it the reference platform for the global industry. The anniversary is a milestone for the Vicenza show and its community: it will reaffirm the development and consolidation of its strategic market leadership and enhance its international reach. With its unique identity that rests on the solid foundations of the goldsmithing mastery of the Vicenza manufacturing district, the banner of Made in Italy around the world. And the ability to look beyond borders and evolve towards the challenges of an increasingly globalised business.


Initiatives for the 70th anniversary of Vicenzaoro will run throughout the year. The heart of the celebrations will be an exhibition that retraces the 70 years of the show, set up in the halls during the January edition and divided into seven stages, one for each decade. It will express the themes, places, treasures, personalities and numbers that, over the years, have contributed to substantiating its iconic allure. From the pibe de oro Diego Armando Maradona, to the former President of the Italian Republic Francesco Cossiga. The events at the various editions of Vicenzaoro will also be part of the narrative, paying homage to the show and the evolution of jewellery, with the involvement of young talents and the in-depth examination of themes such as sustainability, innovation, training and international standards. A celebratory logo features on all communication means, together with online content accessible to the entire community.


The 70 years of Vicenzaoro will tell the story of the entrepreneurial expression of one of the region’s most important manufacturing sectors, a “gem” that shines on the world stage. And they will celebrate the fundamental role of the host territory, rich in tradition and experience, a fertile and indispensable substratum for the growth of the show. The city centre boasts numerous historical goldsmith workshops, the Jewellery Museum and a gold “street” that runs through the middle. An expertise that makes Vicenzaoro highly credible globally. The city will be the protagonist and voice of this seventieth anniversary: during the days of the show, several “windows” in the centre will tell the story of VO70 and goldsmithing, also by referring to specific online content. This will further enrich the program of VIOFF, the Vicenzaoro Fuori Fiera event born from the synergy between the municipal administration of Vicenza and the Italian Exhibition Group (IEG). “Golden Generaction” is the title of the 11th edition running from Friday 19th to Sunday 21st January, which will enliven the city center with art, music, entertainment, entertainment and culture, with particular attention to future generations of goldsmiths.

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