WDC welcomes five new members

Feb 16, 2024

The World Diamond Council is proud to enter into its ranks five new members, each committed to protecting the integrity of the diamond supply chain. They are the Grandview Klein Group, Hari Krishna Exports, the Owl Financial Group, the Sheetal Group and the Stargems Group.

Membership in the WDC enables companies and organizations in the diamond industry to demonstrate their commitment to a responsible supply chain, and their active involvement in the development of a socially conscious and sustainable industry. It additionally indicates that they are part of the industry’s leadership, providing them a voice in the Kimberley Process, and a place at table where decisions affecting the entire diamond sector are taken.

“Join our ranks, and become part of the team that is our industry’s first line of defense. Let your voice be heard on the critical issues that are shaping all of our futures.”

WDC members are committed companies and professional organizations from along the entire value chain. They include rough diamond producers, rough and polished diamond traders, jewelry manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers, and also service providers such as banks, logistic specialists and industry analysts. Many of the industry’s largest corporations are represented, as are medium and small-sized companies.

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