WorldSkills launches a new campaign!

May 25, 2023

WorldSkills celebrates the collective power of skills and encourages more people to join our global skills movement. WorldSkills is shining a light on the many voices and faces among our community with the launch of a new campaign called #WeAreWorldSkills. It tells the story of the impact we are having beyond competitions, and our vision to share the benefits of skill development with the world.

Launched with a flagship film, We are WorldSkills, is about the achievements of all those involved in WorldSkills Competitions, events, and training. It acknowledges the people who are working hard to create new opportunities through skills excellence, and it highlights the life-changing benefits that vocational skills can offer.

Alongside the film, a series of impact stories will be released over the next 12 months that will bring to life the experiences of Competitors, Experts, Partners, and Members. These stories represent the many varied individuals and initiatives across the organization, and those key areas where WorldSkills is having impact.

It will include stories like WorldSkills Korea which has taken a pay it back- approach to knowledge sharing through its Global Institution For Transferring Skills. Or SkillsUSA, whose research is proving how its curriculum is giving young Americans a greater advantage in the workplace.

It tells the story of Kris Janis Jurans whose WorldSkills journey has seen him grow from Competitor or Expert and build new levels of confidence. Also, WorldSkills Costa Rica which is helping young people challenge traditional career pathways while also helping the nation value skills more. There are many more.

The #WeAreWorldSkills campaign builds on the work of a global impact programme which launched in 2021 with WorldSkills Global Impact Survey, quickly followed by the launch of WorldSkills first impact report. Further work is underway to improve how we measure, articulate and share evidence of real-world impact of the organization.

#We are WorldSkills” is there to remind everyone that change is happening now and, while we may be individuals around the world, we are stronger when we bring our expertise, skills, and energy together.

This was never more apparent than during the unique event that was WorldSkills Competition 2022 Special Edition. Shawna Bourke, Director of Marketing and Communications, believes that the challenges over the last few years have brought to light even more evidence of how we are stronger, together.

She says, “At WorldSkills, everyone is valuable. Whatever the size of your country or region, your contribution or investment, you are important because you believe in the power of skills. That’s why we want everyone to join us in saying #WeAreWorldSkills because it is this collective energy that will give our skills movement even more momentum.”

“#WeAreWorldSkills also extends a warm invitation to those who are not yet part of its community. Using a series of emotive calls to action such as; thrive with us, excel with us or dream with us, the campaign speaks to all those who can benefit from skills.

It is for those students with career aspirations; the parents wanting to know how to support their child in the future; companies looking to upskill its workforce; educators wanting to be better trainers or teachers; or governments looking to close the skills gap and develop their economies,” added Ms Bourke

“Essentially, #WeAreWorldSkills” is about celebration and mobilization. It is a platform for the people that are making a difference and making change happen. And it is a rallying cry for those who we want to come with us to share in the community and share in the impact.

You can read our stories and add your own voice to the conversation. Because by spreading the word about the impact we are having, then more people will be able to say, with pride, “We are WorldSkills”.

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