WorldSkills Lyon 2024 medals revealed

Apr 02, 2024

The Competitors from over 65 countries and regions training for the 47th WorldSkills Competition in Lyon, France, can now get a glimpse of the medals that will be presented to the best skilled talent in the world this September.

The centre of the WorldSkills Lyon 2024 medal design is a hexagon building block, reflecting the WorldSkills movement’s belief that skills are the building blocks of life.

Lyon is represented by its emblematic Place Bellecour, Europe’s largest pedestrian square. The medals feature a majestic big wheel – the city’s iconic attraction – along with a silhouette of Louis XIV, the Sun King, whose statue can also be found in the heart of the square.

Inspired by WorldSkills building blocks, six hexagons represent six skills sectors in the Competition, while also reflecting the vibrancy of WorldSkills Lyon 2024. These six sectors are further broken down into the 62 skills in the Competition, showcased on the medals as embossed dots.

While explaining the design of the medals, Mathias Nirdol, in charge of artistic direction for WorldSkills Lyon 2024, said, “The process of creating the medal was a journey of ideas, a composition of graphic elements each telling a piece of the story. The purpose to create is above all to tell a story. I wanted to highlight the different aspects of the Competition, to shape the object that would bring the story to a perfect conclusion.”

The top Competitors in each skill competition will receive gold, silver, or bronze medals. Two additional types of medals are awarded to Competitors at every WorldSkills Competition!

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