2014 – Wow! Jewels Taj!

2014 – Wow! Jewels Taj! 

Mr. Bharat Shah leading Diamontaire had released Jewel Taj at Sparkle International Jewellery Show on 3rd Jan 2014, organized by The Southern Gujarat Chamber of Commerce and Industry, replica of the world renowned Taj Mahal; showcased the brilliance of Indian design and craftsmanship in Surat.

The Taj is a renowned symbol globally and given its virtues and glorious history, had been displayed as it was the perfect representation for GJ industry that has also been historically known for its beauty, enthralling and uniqueness of design.

Adorned with Thailand based largest Zirconia Gemstone produce company Hsin yi Gems co. Ltd. their “Ouma” brand European cut machine gemstones about 50000 Pcs and studded with 24 KT Gold and 30 kg Silver dimensions covering 9 ft. height and 50 ft. circumference, surrounded with 100 Sq. Mtr. Open Space on stand covered with decorative LED lights for a period of 4 days and 5 nights, about 2 million foot falls had been recorded.  This work had spanned 15 artisans and 45 days.

This is the world’s First gemstone studded Taj as no such concept is known to previously exist in any other part of the world. The Concept of Jewel Taj in 7th edition of Sparkle 2014 International Jewellery Show visualized by Heera Zhaveraat magazine.

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