Laxmi Diamonds offers a Classic range of ethnic and traditional jewellery in the entire segment

Nov 08, 2022

Dr Chetan Kumar Mehta, CMD, Laxmi Diamond 

What news will be offered for the imminent festive Diwali 2022?
With the spirit of Diwali celebrations in the air and keeping up the glitz, For Diwali, buying gold studded diamond jewellery is a mandate and a ritual that signifies prosperity and abundance. Hence, it is an excellent time to invest in trendy and festive gold jewellery and feel special. Laxmi Diamonds offers a Classic range of ethnic and traditional jewellery in the entire segment to flaunt this Diwali for our retailers.

Wedding season is well stretched until May 2022; how do you look at the jewellery demand?In spite of the volatile price-driven market still, demand for jewellery Is showing a positive trend, and de the mand for jewellery is high; we are very much optimistic about this trend.

What exclusive are you offering during the wedding season?

We are focusing on medium to heavy ticket prices for entire bridal sets like necklace sets and haram sets with Vadanam and Jade with a fusion of traditional and fancy looks to target our traditional and young audience.

What is the trend for the bridal & wedding jewellery category?

The trend of bridal jewellery is varying from region to region, but the common thing for every region is people are looking for budget, bigger-look bridal jewellery in Necklace & Haram with entire matching sets.

How do you look at the jewellery demand for the year 2022?

We are very positive and optimistic about jewellery demand for the year 2022.

What is your key unique selling point (USP)?

Our Brand (Laxmi Diamonds) reaches every concern of domestic and international markets it is known for being one of the leading and mass manufacturers of traditional 22kt & 18kt close-setting quality diamond studded jewellery.

What are you offering to cater to the millennials & GenZ?

The most significant shift in purchasing habits between the two generations is that Gen -Z believes in slow, ethically sourced pieces, while millennials are still fans of fast fashion. The jewellery that they wear is not only fashionable but functional and sustainable as well.  Keeping this in mind, we are offering the following few collections for millennials and up to GenZ.

A Purpose for re-purpose – on this base are offering Necklaces that give fusion looks with traditional touch with multiple wearing options.

Mother-daughter Concept – on this line, we are offering washer (jacket) Tops, which both mother and daughter can be able to use rotation-wise.

Formal to Normal – on this line, we offer a diamond with a colour stone combination that goes on both formal and normal like Navratna Bangles, bracelets, neck pieces, Rings, and tops.



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