A minimal and very modern collection

Aug 11, 2023

The new summer 2023 collections from Giovanni Raspini showcase a minimal and very modern collection and also two ranges inspired by the natural world, filled with atmospheres and evocations from the sea world and daisy fields. The flora and sea universe are favourite subjects that Giovanni Raspini rediscovers and explores each time with a fresh personal style.

The new collections range from elaborate and intricate designs to simple and linear forms. The three collections presented are Mediterranean, Daisy and Joy.

Mediterranean is a figurative collection, realised with chromatic, intricate and sculptural effects. Sumptuous and spectacular, it is perfect for summer evenings. Giovanni Raspini uses his natural ability and enthusiasm for referencing and interpretation; and above all, storytelling to create exquisite jewels and dreamlike objects.

The base of the jewellery is made from burnished silver, realised using the traditional lost-wax technique, and decorated with beautiful coral branches and sea anemones dancing and floating in the sea. The centrepiece is the bright sea urchins, placed carefully between the corals and adorned by natural pearls in different sizes and sea anemones. Mediterranean comprehends five pieces: a large necklace, a pendant, a bracelet, a ring and a delicate pair of earrings.

The second proposal finds inspiration in one of the brand’s signature collections, the daisy, reinterpreted with a more contemporary style.

Made of cast and burnished silver, the petals of the daisies move gently towards the outside, allowing each individual petal to be even brighter. Golden and yellow mother of pearl and rock crystal dublets are scattered skillfully throughout the daisies, like dancing in an open daisy field. The cabochon cut marquise gemstones are relaying a gorgeous golden light, like in a long stretch of bright daisy fields.

Daisy comprehends seven pieces of jewellery, a necklace with semi-rigid modules, a bracelet (made with the same concept), a pendant, two rings and two pairs of earrings.

Finally, Giovanni Raspini’s new arrivals for the summer season also include the Joy collection, a rich creative range – 10 necklaces and 18 bracelets – characterised by the playful use of light and brightness of the silver for jewellery that responds to a refined, young and versatile taste.

Made of silver and gilded silver, completely by hand, the collection interweaves compositional elements – cast elements, mini beads, various types of contemporary chains, natural pearls, and the use of “mirror-polishing” – with extreme delicacy and elegance.

Giovanni Raspini jewellery has long combined classic beauty with contemporary design, creating intricate handmade pieces using the finest materials.

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