The world is yours dual time zone

Aug 24, 2023

This is the story of the watch that started it all at Jacob & Co. The watch that opened the world and the world of watchmaking to Jacob Arabo. The world is yours dual time zone-is a tribute to an Arabov family heirloom, inspired by a double time zone watch that  Jacob Arabov received at the age of 13, from the hands of his father, Nison Arabov.

A timepiece so special in his eyes that it gave him the desire and the determination to one day create his own timepieces. It is the original spark that inspired every single Jacob & Co. timepiece. This watch is still in the family, waiting to be passed on to the next generation. While waiting, it became the inspiration for The World Is Yours Dual Time Zone.

Creation is a personal, emotional process for Jacob Arabo. And in this case, one that rings closest to the heart. So The World Is Yours Dual Time Zone is more than a two time zone watch, with independent hours and minutes. It’s more than a piece of beautiful craft, with a great domed dial, featuring the Earth as seen from the sky.

It’s proof that a father’s love is the key that unlocks the world. The place is Tashkent, Uzbekistan, then a Republic from the USSR, where the Arabov family originates from. In the room are Jacob Arabov, aged 13, and his father, Nison Arabov.

Between them, an exchange takes place. From one hand to the other, a watch is being gifted and with it, intense emotion. Forty-five years later, these very same men, joined by their son and grandson Benjamin Arabov, pose together for a family portrait. Three generations united by a common legacy, with a very special timepiece as a common thread. A timepiece that represents the world as if saying “Go, my son! Go conquer it!”

Watches passed on from father to son carry unique importance. They are way more than a mere object: a symbol of what’s really being transmitted: values, love, wisdom, blessings and not a little amount of pressure to succeed. That specific timepiece bears the once-famous Wakmann brand name, and it would go on to inspire every Jacob & Co. watch ever made.

Grasping the Earth:

Overall, this dial gives the impression of seeing Earth from space. But the world is a globe. And The World Is Yours Dual Time Zone represents all of it. The caseback is full, also made of 18k rose gold, and engraved. This is where the rest of the world lies. From Europe to Japan, depicting all of Africa and Asia. Against the skin. Hidden from view from everyone, except the wearer.

Powering the orbit:

Such is the case of India and its 1.3 bn inhabitants. Indian Standard Time is UTC + 05:30 on the entire sub-continent. Its small seconds hand is a rose wind with four main arms, one of which is painted red to act as a pointer. It symbolizes the compass one needs to navigate the world. It is the one that helps us find our bearings, like the moral compass provided by M. Nison Arabov. Logically, it sits in the center, at the highest point of the domed dial.

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