An exclusive digital watch experience

May 20, 2023

The U-Boat universe is now even more accessible from your wrist. The Lucca-based brand is bringing itself even closer to its customers by offering a unique and exclusive digital experience through a QR code that is engraved on the back of each watch.

Keeping up with the times, innovating, shortening the distance with customers, and offering always-new services, including assistance, are mandatory missions for any company in the digital age. U-Boat is no exception, as it now decides to make these objectives a reality through the customization of its watch cases.

A QR code, of a decidedly non-invasive size and placed on the back case, will allow each owner, and only them exclusively, to access, by taking a photo of it with their smartphone, a dedicated U-Boat app with a series of constantly updated content and services related to their watch.

Exploring the history and production of your watch, registering its warranty, personalizing it by changing the strap using a dedicated configurator, as well as learning about its technical specifications, usage and maintenance through the user manual, requesting prompt customer service, and accessing extra content will all be easy and within “wrist’s reach”.

The interface is undoubtedly dynamic, offering a wide range of applications, services, and utilities that will continue to evolve over time, creating a stronger connection with customers by stimulating interaction and sharing brand values.

This direct communication channel between the company and the customer is not only for providing adequate after-sales service, but also for communicating everything related to the “U-Boat universe,” from product information and brand news to promotions, launches, events, and other additional content.

Initially, this exclusive experience will be reserved for owners of special edition watches that will be purchased from official mono-brand stores and the e-commerce website, and later on, it will also be extended to other models.

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