Charles & Colvard Emeralds LGD

May 24, 2023

Our stunning lab-grown emeralds are the ethical and affordable alternative to their earth-mined equivalents. Identical in physical, chemical, and optical properties to traditional emeralds, Charles & Colvard’s created emeralds are mindfully crafted to meet our superior standards.

These lab-created emeralds are made using scientifically advanced machinery and processes, producing strikingly green, attention-grabbing beryl gemstones. They have been hydrothermally crafted in laboratories since the mid-20th century. Lab-grown emeralds are a popular and valuable type of beryl, with other types available in many colors like yellow, red, and blue (aquamarine).

At Charles & Colvard, we strive to redefine the jewelry industry by using exclusively made, not mined gemstones. As we continue to prioritize superior AAA quality, hardness and durability, and ethically sourced stones, our experts forge gemstones that embody unrivaled craftsmanship and care.

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