Poetry in motion at Her Story!

Jun 05, 2023

designer jewelleryPoetry in motion at Her Story!

When passion runs deep you find your rhythm and beat. “Passion can be quite porous – a flicker of a feeling that is so true and so quick but perhaps you’re changed by it forever. Like how sometimes there is no separation between the dance and the dancer…a moment that is so rare to come by.

I don’t think we’ve had jewellery inspired by the ghungroo which is actually so Indian, so ancient, so culturally relevant, so romanticised and beautiful” said Sobhita Dhulipala, Actor.

The passion and intensity of a woman who creates her own rhythm in life is captured in this collection through musical, ghungroo-inspired jewels. Precious ghungroo-inspired elements move gracefully with the wearer, with soft musical sounds. Coloured enamel elements can be attached and detached from some of the 18K rose-gold jewels that celebrate rhythmic intensity.

“Passion is something that comes straight from the heart. It’s when the brain shuts off and your soul and your heart tell you to do something. Each one of us has something that we’re chosen to do; that you feel a connection to. What I’ve witnessed at Her Story is very unique!

designer jewelleryThere is a level of passion and an intention behind each design. It’s coming from somewhere…special. There’s so much thought behind it, which makes me connect to the jewels more” Upasana Madan, Principal dancer at Shiamak Davar’s institute for performing arts.

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