Pandora democratizing diamonds

Sep 02, 2023

Pamela Anderson, Grace Coddington, Justina Miles and more help Pandora redefine long-held diamond conventions, taking diamond jewellery from special occasions to something special for every day.

Pandora, the world’s largest jewellery brand, today reveals the expansion of Pandora Lab-Grown Diamonds with three new collections. Re-writing the rules of diamond jewellery, Pandora continues its journey of democratizing diamonds and celebrating their power as vehicles for love, joy, and personal expression – bringing their sparkle to more wearing occasions and more people.

Pandora Nova introduces a distinct, four-prong setting that reveals more of the diamond, so each round brilliant or princess cut stone can capture the light with more dimension, brilliance and warmth, as if floating in mid-air – like the 1 carat 14K gold and lab-grown diamond ring ($price).

Pandora Era reimagines classic bezel and prong settings with a unique Pandora take. A pinnacle of this collection are the 14k gold trilogy pendant ($price) and bracelet ($price), which showcase three bezel-set stones in a row for quiet impact.

Pandora Talisman features five pendant designs ($price-$price) – each a symbol like a heart or star that is also the lab-grown diamond’s setting. The pendants offer an elevated take on beloved Pandora charms, crafted with 14k gold with a 0.25 or 0.75 round brilliant-cut lab-grown diamond at the centre.

“We want more people to experience the power and beauty of lab-grown diamonds for every day, in classic diamond settings and some that are unexpected,” said Pandora Creative Director Francesco Terzo. Pandora Creative Director A. Filippo Ficarelli added, “The Pandora Talisman collection is especially important for us because it takes lab-grown diamonds into a universe that is at the heart of Pandora: the universe of charms.”


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