4th BDW, Only Diamond, show scheduled!

Apr 03, 2023

Bharat Diamond Bourse is quite ready to host the 4th edition of the Bharat Diamond Week is scheduled to house over the 125 Indian players. The dome of the BDW will showcase both; 1: Mined and 2: LGD polished diamonds.

This is recorded that several new visitors’ have pre-registration along with the global diamond buyers. Now, all roads that leads to the fourth edition of Bharat Diamond Week, Mumbai. The dome will remain open from April 6, and the will run until April 8, 2023 with the world class facilities, safety & securities, logistic!

The prime diamond sourcing arena of BDW will host knowledge series. BDB will host all those visitors, buyers, trade delegation. They are taking care, right from the travelling & up to accommodation around the venue of BDW. Additionally, it is also proposed to host BDB tour, Factory visit at Mumbai & Surat for trade delegates.

According to sources, the market sentiment is high for the diamond sourcing! Number of diamond players’ are updating their checklist and wishing to source all those product mix from the ‘Only Diamond’ show. By considering the ongoing geopolitical scenario, it is known that the diamond supply chain is interrupted!

Therefore, this is the right venue to source the entire spectrum under the one roof! This is the right time to source for the season ahead.

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