Light Up Diwali with a Festival of Diamonds

Oct 11, 2023

As Festive 2023 starts twinkling across autumnal skies, and the most auspicious occasions of Indians is here before long, can luminous baubles be far behind?

Many moons ago, not celestial bodies but simple lights guided Lord Rama home on Diwali. As Ayodhya prepared to receive the Crown Prince after a fourteen-year exile, its people lit up a dark Amavasya night sky with the glow of thousands of diyas arranged in rows.

Hence Deepavali, literally meaning, a row of lights in Sanskrit switches on the Festival of Lights across the world. Each of the auspicious days, Dhanteras, Chhoti Diwali, Lakshmi Puja, Govardhan Puja and Bhai Dooj lend their own significance and are observed amidst rituals rich with meaning and cultural resonance.

Come November, Indians will get set to welcome a fortnight of revelry starting with Karva Chauth. This phase is believed to be auspicious to start new ventures to open the doors to prosperity or acquire valuables to signal success.

Let’s get you a glow up with diamonds delectable enough to rival Diwali lights!

Indeed, Diwali is the diamond of Indian festivals and offers pleasurable moments of dressing up and dazzling the party. Are you putting your best fingers forward? Explore stylish, timeless pieces from the lavish catalogue of De Beers Forevermark as you round up your festive shopping on a bejewelled high.

Be intriguing as you flaunt everyday delights from the bestselling De Beers Forevermark Avaanti collection. Statement rings encircled with pavé diamonds can play your winning hand to advantage at Taash parties around town. Pair them with Curve Grand Earrings to keep the look playful.

Or get ready to move to Diwali beats with a stack of Open or Closed Bangles in contrasting gold colors. If you like minimalism, on the other hand, the Bypass Bangle, worn singly, stands out for its easy luxury and simplicity. Like stackable bracelets, layering necklaces funs up your evening look. A Grand Pavé Pendant alternated with a Bold Diamond Pendant on chains of varying lengths helps to showcase fashionable necklines.

If you like timeless classics, you can even consider the following; a diamond mangalsutra is an elegant piece that will keep you warmed through hours of fasting, or feasting, this season of rites and rituals. If you are a Diwali Diva, you would love to slay with swaying Tassel danglers or glamorous Drop earrings perfect for blingy occasions.

The Setting Circlet Pendant is a timeless go-to for that just-in-time Dhan Teras purchase. Wait, the celebrations don’t end here. What are brothers for if not to indulge us with nifty nose pins or chic trinkets as a Bhai Dooj present?

Precious looks for precious moments, presenting the rarest of rare diamonds which are responsibly sourced. Get them all from De Beers Forevermark extensive collections!

A diamond is as old as the earth itself, a miracle of nature that has been 3 billion years in the making. Born in darkness, some say they are older than even the stars! Buying a natural diamond is like owning a piece of cosmic history that will live on forever as it is treasured for generations.

Who wouldn’t want to crown their festive shopping with antiquity such as this? Who wouldn’t want to herald a chain of auspicious beginnings with a piece of value such as this? Diamonds are a symbol of strength and grit. They are the hardest natural substance on earth.

Indeed, the word diamond derives from the Greek word, adamas, which means indestructible – a fitting name for this symbol of lifelong commitment. They represent faith, love and a bond of trust. Gift a diamond this festive season and see your generosity reciprocated manifold. Diwali is a time to usher in joy, prosperity and hope. Say it with diamonds and celebrate the essence of light triumphing over darkness!

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