Edjudina Gold Project aims three program!

May 29, 2023

Gibb River Diamonds Limited is currently working with Kalgoorlie based group BM Geological Services (BMGS) to calculate a geological resource for the Neta Gold Prospect at the Edjudina Gold Project. As a result of this ongoing work, GIB will undertake a small follow-up drilling program at the Neta Prospect to assist with resource estimation.

This work will consist of approximately five shallow aircore holes. There are three main aims for the program,

1: To twin previous aircore holes and compare the results,

2: To conduct downhole density probe measurements for specific gravity (SG) data,

3: To conduct downhole dip and azimuth surveys to test for any deviations in drill string, 4: orientation-This work will start as soon as is practicable and will be announced to upon commencement.

A number of corporate enquiries have been received regarding the Edjudina Gold Project and as a result a technical presentation will be released to the market shortly.

Gibb River Diamonds, the project comprises multiple parallel lines of nearly continuous historic gold workings over a 13km strike in which high grade auriferous veins have been worked. A haul road owned and operated by Northern Star Resources Limited runs through the north of the project tenement directly to the Carosue Dam milling complex 45 km to the south-west.

The Company acquired the Edjudina Project in July 2020 and quickly discovered the significant Neta Gold Prospect (discovery hole was 36m at 4.0 g/t Au from 4 metres), which subsequently have been the subject of a considerable amount of drilling and metallurgical work by GIB.

Kalgoorlie based group BM Geological Services (BMGS) are working with GIB to calculate a geological resource for the Neta Gold Prospect at Edjudina. The Company aims to have a mineral resource estimate published as soon as is practicable. BMGS is a leading Australian geological consultancy specialising in providing mine geology and exploration geology services to the Minerals Industry in the region and globally.

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