Rainbow veto collection announced!

Jun 02, 2023

LGDs jewellery

Rainbow veto collection announced!

Lark and Berry announced the Rainbow Veto Collection bears a special significance to our founder, serving as a testament to her personal journey of hope following loss. The collection is a heartfelt tribute to her  rainbow baby – a term referring to a child born after a loss. The collection’s rainbow colours are a symbol of hope and resilience after a storm.

“The Rainbow Veto Collection is a deeply personal endeavour, crafted to resonate with many women who have experienced similar challenges,” Chavez states. “These experiences need to be shared and understood more widely, and through this collection, we aim to promote that conversation.”

A portion of each Rainbow Veto Collection sale will be donated to a charity focused on fertility issues research and providing support to those facing these challenges.

As the first designer brand to exclusively use lab-grown diamonds and stones in their fine jewelry, Lark & Berry has become a trailblazing brand that offers a sustainable and ethical alternative to mined diamonds without sacrificing the quality, beauty, or longevity of their pieces.

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