NDC highlights, everyday diamonds

May 02, 2023

The best way to wear natural diamonds? All day, every day! From diamond stud earrings and delicate rings to tennis bracelet stacks and layers of necklaces, there’s no wrong way to wear your favorite jewels on any occasion.

They say you find the people whose energy matches your own, and you never know who you could bump into on the corner of home and sweet. Greeting an old friend in her hometown of London, Lily can’t help but notice his diamond pendants and statement ring, worn with a perfectly plain tee and a sophisticated blazer. Great and stylish minds think alike!

Even your most casual outfit could use a bit of bling and Lily’s dainty pieces have just enough sparkle and shine for an everyday look. Pair sneakers with a tennis bracelet stack, laidback trousers with mix-and-match rings, or a baseball hat with a glamorous earscape. When it comes to natural diamond jewellery, more is always more.

Paired with the perfect pendant, the layers of diamonds on her neck are a subtle mix of daring and delicate, a balance that can be hard to strike, but here on Lily, looks perfectly natural. Meanwhile, a diamond signet ring expresses her friend’s personal style to a T.

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