Kay Jewelers Pro Football Hall of Fame Rings

May 08, 2023

The Pro Football Hall of Fame and Kay Jewelers announced that Kay will provide a Hall of Fame Ring of Excellence to all enshrinees moving forward, including those elected posthumously.

The Hall of Fame recently shared it would be revising its policy regarding the presentation of a Ring of Excellence to enshrinees elected posthumously. Previously, the Hall issued a ring – one of three iconic symbols of membership in the sport of pro football’s most exclusive club – only to individuals alive at the time of enshrinement with their class.

Under the new policy, those members of the Pro Football Hall of Fame elected posthumously receiving a ring are those who are survived by a spouse, an adult child or a parent. Instances where a court decree designates another family member as the legal representative of the deceased enshrinee also will be considered.

The announcement took place at the Pro Football Hall of Fame’s annual Merlin Olsen Super Bowl Luncheon in Phoenix.

“True to our purpose of Inspiring Love, Kay celebrates each of the Pro Football Hall of Fame enshrinees and the love they’ve inspired in the game and the impact they’ve made on the lives of those around them,” said Jamie Singleton, Group President and Chief Consumer Officer, Signet Jewelers. “We are proud to share the Kay Jewelers’ Ring of Excellence with their loved ones to honor their legacy.”

“The Hall of Fame thanks our great partners at Kay Jewelers for expanding the ring presentations to all Enshrinees in the Class of 2023 and beyond, while also delivering these special symbols of excellence to several Enshrinees from past classes,” said Hall President Jim Porter. “This welcomes all electees fully into the Hall of Fame Family with a ring, Bronzed Bust and Gold Jacket.”

The first recipient of a Hall of Fame Ring of Excellence under the revised policy was Cliff Branch, a Raiders legend and member of the Class of 2022 who passed away in 2019. His sister, Elaine Anderson, accepted his ring during a special halftime ceremony at Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas.

Several other players, coaches and contributors who were deceased at the time of the election will receive rings. The Hall of Fame will announce that list once it finalizes the new policy.

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