IDMA expresses support for the Israel

Oct 11, 2023

The board and the members of the International Diamond Manufacturers Association (IDMA) wish to express their solidarity with the people of Israel, as many hundreds of their citizens were victims of unspeakable, horrific acts of carnage and murder by terrorists sent from the Gaza strip by the terrorist organization Hamas.

IDMA condemns these vicious deadly attacks in all possible terms, supports Israel’s right to defend itself against the unprecedented aggression perpetrated by Hamas, and calls for the immediate and safe return of the Israeli hostages -children, women, and men – taken by the Hamas terrorists during their attacks on peaceful Israeli villages.

“As a trade organization, IDMA rarely involves itself in world politics or local conflicts,” IDMA President Ronnie VanderLinden commented. “We do so now, however, with our hearts aching. We unequivocally state our support for the people and the State of Israel and categorically condemn Hamas and their allies for the horrendous atrocities they have perpetrated, the countless murders committed, and the hundreds of hostages taken,” he continued.

“We know that some of our Israeli colleagues and friends have lost close ones in the recent carnage and that many of them, as well as their children, will be putting themselves at risk as they actively defend their homeland. Our hearts go out to them. We wish them strength and perseverance.

Our thoughts and prayers are with all those innocent souls wherever they may be, who are caught in the crossfire of violence beyond their control.”

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