Medallion Collection for Mother’s Day

May 12, 2023

India’s finest designer jewellery brand established in 1984, Dassani Brothers announces its exclusive Medallion collection to honour the most special woman in our lives this Mother’s Day. The Medallion collection of unique neck pieces is designed to celebrate the warmth and unconditional love of mothers, grandmothers, and motherly figures in our lives.

The Medallion is a special gifting collection curated of delicate pendant necklaces in 18kt rose gold and yellow gold embellished with Polki, brilliant cut diamonds and vibrant gemstones. The collection is designed to be classic and suitable for every occasion. Each piece of jewellery in the Medallion collection is lightweight and is crafted from high-quality diamonds.

The necklaces are embellished with syndicate quality Polki, brilliant cut diamonds and diamond baguette, Ruby cut, Coral tulips, Culture pearls, Emerald cut, Tourmaline Mani, and various other gemstones. The designs are carefully crafted to reflect the beauty and elegance of motherhood, making them a perfect gift for Mother’s Day.

Dassani Brothers understand the special bond between a mother and her child and wanted to create something special to show their appreciation and to showcase the jewellery as precious and cherished as their presence in our lives. The special Mother’s Day Medallion collection is available at the Dassani Brothers’ store in Mumbai as well as the website.

“Our Medallion collection is a celebration of love from a mother who is irreplaceable in our lives and who radiates with warmth and affection to guide and protect her child. We have designed this collection keeping in mind the brilliant shine of a mother, and reflected it using the finest Polki diamonds and gemstones. We hope that our jewellery will help you to express your gratitude and love towards your mother” expresses Dinesh Dassani, Partner at Dassani Brothers.

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