Tiffany Sourced Muzo Emerald

Jul 10, 2023

Tiffany & Co announces that the House has acquired an extraordinary gemstone: an emerald of over 10 total carats. Sourced directly from Muzo Emerald Colombia, where the world’s finest emeralds are unearthed, the rare, Tiffany Muzo Emerald- is named after its source, the renowned Muzo mines, located 60 miles northwest of Bogotá. The verdant stone represents Tiffany’s relentless pursuit of the most exceptional gemstones that nature has to offer.

“As the world’s authority on rare gems, we are thrilled to announce our recent acquisition of the Tiffany Muzo Emerald,” said Victoria Wirth Reynolds, Chief Gemologist, Tiffany & Co. “This remarkable stone, weighing over 10 carats, is a continuation of Tiffany’s longstanding heritage of acquiring the most coveted gemstones that Mother Nature has to offer.”

The finest emerald ever sourced from the famed Muzo mines of Colombia is now a Tiffany & Co. emerald. Weighing over 10 carats, this rectangular square cut emerald was extracted from the historical Puerto Arturo shaft in December 2019.

This emerald is rare due to its exceptionally high clarity, which provides a superior degree of transparency, which highlights its exceptional color. This emerald has no fissures and is virtually inclusion free, displaying only a few inclusions found by microscopic examination, which are consistent of those found in Colombian emeralds from the Muzo mine.

Furthermore, this historic emerald showcases the perfectly saturated green color for which Muzo emeralds are so highly coveted. The unique combination of large size, provenance, color and exceptional crystal quality make it a miracle of nature and befitting of its new name: the Tiffany Muzo Emerald.

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