A new era begins in Israel!

Jun 01, 2023

The IDI Gallery on 3 Shalom Zisman Street in Ramat Gan opened to jewelry enthusiasts. For the first time, Israeli customers and tourists can purchase diamond jewelry directly from leading diamond brands from the Israel Diamond Exchange (IDE), saving on brokerage fees and learning about the world of diamonds up close in a stunning digital museum.

A festive inauguration event of the IDI Gallery took place, in the presence of industry leaders, the heads of the Israel Diamond Institute (IDI), representatives of presenting companies, and many celebrities. IDI Chairman Arnon Juwal delivered a speech at the inauguration ceremony in which he highlighted the extensive activities of the IDI in promoting the industry.

Juwal talked about the polishing factory, the online sales center in collaboration with the two giant websites James Allen and Blue Nile, which features over 200 leading companies, and the IDI pavilion in leading exhibitions worldwide.

“We have gathered here to launch the new jewelry gallery,” said Juwal. “We are proud and excited to open the first jewelry complex in Israel, with approximately 15 companies sharing one space. In the IDI Gallery, you will find natural diamonds of all kinds, combined with colored stones, and jewelry of various types with stunning designs, all at comfortable prices. Our goal is to provide diamond companies with an opportunity to open a new door to the world of jewelry.”

The Managing Director of the IDI, Aviel Elia, also spoke at the inauguration event and thanked all those who contributed to the realization of the vision of “From Mine to Jewelry,” which will enable diamond companies from the IDE to sell jewelry directly to consumers.

Many celebrities participated in the event, and there was a great deal of excitement about the new and impressive initiative.

The day before that, a mezuzah-fixing event was held, attended by senior members of the IDI and the diamond industry, as well as guests from the Israel Diamond Exchange (IDE). The IDI Gallery’s inauguration was accompanied by a significant media campaign and generated a lot of interest.

The IDI Gallery is an innovative and luxurious project initiated and established by the IDI. It hosts booths of 15 leading diamond brands from the IDE, offering a wide variety of diamonds, fashion and luxury jewelry, from engagement rings to earrings, necklaces, and bracelets. The companies presenting in the IDI Gallery also provide visitors with the opportunity to design customized jewelry.

The IDI initiated and established the gallery to expose the Israeli audience to diamond brands from the exchange, allowing them to bypass intermediaries and purchase natural diamond jewelry directly from the diamond dealer – from mine to jewelry.

The gallery hosts 15 leading diamond brands from Israel, selling luxury jewelry directly to consumers. All the presenting companies have a global reputation and prestige and are showcased side by side in the luxurious complex.

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