Gem Diamonds fetches the highest price for rough!

Apr 26, 2023

According to the Gem Diamonds, Q1 2023 Trading Update & detailing the Group’s operational and sales performance from 1 January 2023 to 31 March 2023 (Q1 2023); the highest price achieved in the period was US$282 889 per carat for a 6.63 carat pink diamond, the third highest dollar per carat achieved for a Letšeng rough diamond.

Gem Diamonds said, they have witnessed the highest price achieved during the period for a white diamond was US$34 441 per carat for a 58.07 carat Type IIa white diamond. 7 diamonds sold for more than US$1.0 million each, generating revenue of US$11.1 million during the Period.

A 122 carat Type II white diamond was recovered at Letšeng during the period and will be sold in Q2 2023.

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